On the Powers


Apollo is the god of sun, healing and personal perfection in any aspect, be it physical or intellectual. He also patrons arts, music and oratory skills. The perfection of the body through the perfection of the mind is one of his aspects and he is also the parton of oracles, having created many himself.

The son of Zeus and Leto and brother of Artemis, he is considered by many to be one of the most important gods in Olympus. Despite not being the strongest (Poseidon and Hades are indeed more powerful), his spheres of influence cover a very wide array of aspects. Known for his kindness and love for romance, arts and good sport and athletism, he is also famous (or notorious) for his acts of fury when enraged. One of his proxies, Pythia, is the result of such an anger after she denied him. Several fell under his plague arrows in Troy, when they angered him by defiling his temples.

Apollo has his place in Apollo’s Temple, a place where everyone is welcome. There’s a place to perform debates, a music and acting amphitheatre, gymnasium where anyone can wrestle and challenge others, as well as receive training.

Apollo has 2 proxies, one that is an oracle and the other a healer. Pythia, cursed by the god himself so that noone understands her prophecies and Asclepius, a master of anatomy and healing that is said to be able to raise the dead even without the use of spells.

Followers of Apollo are usually as diverse as the god’s portfolio. Artists, lovers, fighters, monks, those that seeker perfection in themselves (either spiritual, physical or both), doctors and even plain adventurers revere the god.

On the Powers

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