Divine-Granted Abilities

Fate points given arbitrarily.

Grants the follower an elemental based on his HD.
1-4 = tiny
5-8 = small
9-12= medium
13-16 = large
17-20 = huge

Tiny: -
Small: water breathing
Medium: free action, hp buffer
Large: increased damage
Huge: vortex

Grants the follower the ability to coordinate allies.

Free action: dc 10 + 2*allies, gives +1 on attacks.
Move action: dc 15 + 2*allies, gives +2 on attacks.

Superior analysis: move action becomes standard action.
Improved tactics: also grants bonus on saves, skill checks and initiative.

Allows the follower to modify his stats by -+2. When the follower has all his physical stats equal, he gains half their modifier as a bonus on all his actions.

Allows the imbider of wine to enter a special rage. When it ends, the imbider keeps +2 STR and +2 CON and is not fatigued. Also, the imbider is immune to pain and an extra Toughness Feat.

Divine-Granted Abilities

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