Planescape - Era of Shifting Portals

Chapter II - Getting Involved

Traversing the Planes and Choosing Sides

Emerging from the world of Theikon onto the holy place of the Greek Gods, the heroes find themselves realising that the Sundering has affected even this holy place. Assisting the denizens of Mt. Olympus with re-sealing escaped abominations from Tartarus, they come upon a very interesting discovery. A fragment of Aoskar. And that they are not the only ones who have done so. This begins their journey around the planes, trying to find clues about the former Lord of Portals.

Chapter I – Chaos at the Home of the Gods – where the heroes assist the Greek Gods
Chapter II – Discovering the First Fragment – where an important discovery is made in Sylvania
Chapter III – All is Well in the Holy Lands, I Guess – where allies are found in Mount Celestia
Chapter IV – It’s All Good – where everything is as expected in Elysium
Chapter V – Going Once, Going Twice – where chaos ensues and prevails
Chapter VI – Law, Order and Freedom – where alliances shift and a fallen dabus sheds some light
Chapter VII – A Misty Island – where beasts fight each other and a piece is recovered



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