Planescape - Era of Shifting Portals

Chapter I - Prime world of Theikon

Stranded on the Prime

After the Sundering, several individuals find themselves on the prime world of Theikon, a closed-off plane dominated by the Greek pantheon. Discovering great, previously undiscovered powers of creation (perhaps due to the effect of being in the presence of the Lady), their adventure begins. But others, bearing the same powers and more sinister purposes, oppose them and the queen of the gods sees an opportunity to be rid off this prime.

Chapter I – Dumped on Theikon – where the heroes meet each other and escape the dreaded abomination.
Chapter II – Discovering the Powers – where thought becomes reality.
Chapter III – Something Wicked This Way Comes – where the yugoloth approaches, determined to stop the heroes
Chapter IV – The Forge of Hephaestus – where the heroes restore a mighty forge that belongs to Hephaestus.
Chapter V – Forging the Gigant – where the entire kingdoms struggles to create the gigantic construct.
Chapter VI – Battle of the Gods – where the heroes pit their will and experience against the yugoloth, and Hera.
Chapter VII – Choices – where difficult decisions are made, some move on and some stay behind.



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