There’s only room for one in the Cage, berk! – clueless prime, trying to sound important to an abishai.

Era of Shifting Portals

Recent events have brought the planes to a cataclysmic stand-off. Chaos has been brought into the multiverse, as the tides have shifted. Far more than the tides, though, the planes themselves have felt the impact of their fulcrum swivel into a downward spiral. Sigil shook as the Lady momentarily lost control. The one whose name should never be spoken again boldly challaneged the Lady of Pain, but was ultimately defeated by the boldest of heroes. The Godslayer’s spear, the spear that Zeus used to splice open his father’s belly, skewered the Lord of Secrets and sent him fleeing into his own plane, vowing revenge.

The mightiest of battles ever to be had in the multiverse left a terrible impact on the planes. The spiral was torn down and the Words of Creation spoken by the Lady herself stopped it and left it off-balance atop the spiral. The gates of Sigil ceased to function and the Lady sent everyone out.

Everyone. Including the skull of the flayed god, Aoskar, former Lord of Portals in Sigil…

Fragments of Aoskar discovered
Party Common Treasury

Planescape - Era of Shifting Portals

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